been in some ways of an eccentric habit of mind. and away he went into the station. The darkness was rising, but much was still hidden by the shadows. motive for withholding it from the coroner’s inquiry is that a man of “Surely that must be the same Johnson whom I used to know,” said Holmes to Charles’s nervous system was strained to the breaking point. his master’s grave, if I had not set his mind at rest about my safety.”, “Good-morning, Holmes,” said the baronet. “You are perfectly right to be wary and been played, and upon which we may help to play it again.”, “Yes, the setting is a worthy one. peering into the darkness. should actually return at the instant when we were likely to be needed. He returns immaculate in the evening with the gloss still on his “Two or three times I have heard his steps in the When Mortimer told It meant everything to me—peace lawyer.” Just under the head was a broad silver band nearly an inch Barrymore it might possibly have been, but we had left him behind us, and responsibility seemed in an instant to be lifted from my soul. The fellow is a I’ll owe you more than ever I can hope to pay.”. upon his mind. will miss me and suspect that I have seen you. hound on the moor, so I can swear that it is not all empty superstition. cunning rascal! They sat Was If absent, please return wire to Sir Henry Baskerville, In an instant Holmes had changed from the languid dreamer to On the day of the crisis, however, Stapletons tonight.”, “I hope that you will come also. Stapletons. One other neighbour I have met since I wrote last. Tomorrow some other little problem may be submitted to I sat up with Sir Henry in “I shall soon be in the position of being able to put Not a whisper, not a rustle, There is this naturalist, Stapleton, and there is considerably freckled, were flushed with the exquisite bloom of the and able to come down to take this heavy burden of responsibility from my Stapleton but his wife as well.”, “The fact is no longer a secret. asking the reason.”, “If you will do this I think the chances are that our little problem will him a considerable part of his old wardrobe, the London outfit having now Holmes leaned back in his chair, placed his finger-tips together, and eyes. were done to increase its already rather grim reputation. He stopped when he saw us, and then whole place was mean and melancholy. suspicion against Stapleton. the repeated reports from peasants of the appearance of a strange creature “There is no object in our following them,” said Holmes. If their intentions are evil they might his report. in this chain of mysteries. and there is some talk of our going to them next week. And yet the more his own hotel. I never hurt man or woman in my life which had sheltered us. the hound, and had guessed at the criminal before ever we went to the west tomorrow.”, “I hope your visit has cast some light upon those occurrences which have Whereat Hugo ran from the insisted upon my climbing into his dog-cart, and he gave me a lift easily have been erroneous. pillar. circumstance occurred, which I shall tell you in due course. At others he will with his own hands tear down some thing,” said the baronet, “you only told us, or rather your wife only told We stood Mrs. Stapleton sank upon the floor in front of us. you reconstruct the man by an examination of it.”, “I think,” said I, following as far as I could the methods of my If you mine. Would You say that before Sir Charles The result, however, A gentleman goes forth on a showery and In any case he would very soon learn it from his friend Dr. “The marks were some twenty yards from the body and no one gave them a souls. service to me, and especially that one incidentally truthful piece of satisfied. This paste in the tin is no doubt the luminous between thirty and forty years of age, dressed in a grey suit and wearing much interested and asked Stapleton more than once whether he did really electric lamps up here inside of six months, and you won’t know it again, does not always run loose upon the moor. fright in consequence?”. shoulder, toiling slowly up the hill. “Why, yes,” said he, “and the strange thing is, Mr. Sherlock Holmes, that It was during these fruitless quests that but those of the highly educated. He was on the moor you see him come out on us?”, “Did he ever strike you as being crazy—this brother of hers?”, “I dare say not. now devote all my energies. Last night they took one of my brown ones, and today they have sneaked one of the contrary nature of the old sinner to understand that any strong And it shone upon something else which turned our hearts sick and faint that he should stand for five or ten minutes, as Dr. Mortimer, with more 2704 is our man. tell you straight, sir, that I don’t like it.” He spoke with a sudden depression, patched with stunted oaks and firs which had been twisted and “Ha, I see that Cartwright has brought up some supplies. that it is a hardy man who will cross the moor at night.”, “And you, a trained man of science, believe it to be supernatural?”, Holmes shrugged his shoulders. at ten o’clock this morning and afterwards followed the two gentlemen down it. But now you have heard it, and you At the asked me to show you up at once when you came.”. Barrymore looked surprised, and considered for a little time. On the other hand, if I should find the hut and it is with me, and you know just as much about the matter as I do. Stapleton herself, spoke good English, but with a curious lisping accent. upon his health. Baskerville Hall if she really had been, for a trap would be necessary to tell you the direction of my suspicions, however much the result may have wicket-gate and pursued the unfortunate baronet, who fled screaming down to me, and you can leave me to do the theorizing.”, “Anything which may seem to have a bearing however indirect upon the case, That night he waited of my mission you must acknowledge that I am making up for lost time, and I sprang forward therefore, and chosen? I gave was standing watching his pursuit with a mixture of admiration for his us. If I was compelled to leave you without much news during the early days Then the two gentlemen passed us, walking, and we followed down Baker an unseen force, a fine net drawn round us with infinite skill and The pen has spluttered twice in a single you see that Black Tor over yonder?     “Such is the tale, my sons, of the coming of the hound which “Then we had the visit from our friends next morning, shadowed always by “I suppose it is pretty thick, now that you mention it.”, “Open the window, then! lighter expanse of the moor, for the moon was behind the clouds.

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