Die klassichen Nachtisch-becher für die Gemeinschaftsverpflegung. 5 oz. 36/case or 8/5 pks, also available in 4 oz. More about us . Packed 12 to a case. ball of vanilla ice cream dipped in milk and egg batter, rolled in corn flakes crumbs. Ein Klassiker in höchster Qualitätsstufe: Eiscreme Gianduja und Eiskrem Zabaglione umhüllt von Kakao mit ein wenig Haselnusskrokantstückchen. (click photo for enlargement), 4 oz. 24/case or 8/6 pks. sales@royalicecream.com - 27 Warren St. Manchester, CT 06040, A real lemon fruit hollowed out and filled with imported Italian lemon sorbet, light and refreshing.  (860) 647-7376. A non-dairy product. 12 x 150 ml im Karton, jeder Tartufo einzeln verpackt, [Translate to Englisch:] Gefüllte Früchte.  sales@royalicecream.com You can refine and sort your search for O'CONNOR Ice Cream Wholesalers & Manufacturers by distance, specialty or service options. Valsoia - Tiramisu Gelato 390ml NZ$11.00 NZ$11.00 SALE. It doesn't always have to be vanilla ice cream with hot cherries. wedge of vanilla and chocolate ice cream with a scrumptious center of real whipped cream mixed with fruits and nuts, richly flavored with rum, layered with pistachio ice cream. Tartufo. Süd-Eis GmbH & Co KGStahlwerksweg 10b | 49084 OsnabrückTelefon: 0541 / 76 06 97 60Telefax: 0541 / 76 06 97 61 39, [Translate to Englisch:] Unsere Eisdesserts, Natural, Kosher, Preservative Free, glutenfree, lactosefree,sustainably sourced, Premium Ice Cream | Made in Germany by Sued-Eis. 3 oz. 24/case. 158 likes. And like any decadent dessert (or any food for that matter) the better the quality of the ingredients the better the final outcome! (click photo for enlargement) Tortoni. each packed 36/case or 5×8 retail. (click photo for enlargement), Lemon flavored ice cream with a lemon filling in the center, rolled in a lemon meringue crunch, topped with a lemon candy wedge. We offer our wholesale partners a steadily increasing selection of individual, ready-to-serve or semi-convienter products. Das originale und einzigartige italienische Eis,handgemacht und direkt importiert aus der Produktion in Pizzo Calabro,der bekannten Stadt des Eises. disk of 14% butter fat vanilla ice cream between two delicious chocolate chip cookies, dipped in chocolate coating. (click photo for enlargement), 27 Warren Street Manchester, CT, 06040 Your email address will not be published. A non-dairy product. 5 oz. (click photo for enlargement), A chocolate cake base with black cherry preserve layered with vanilla almond ice cream, rolled in toasted coconut and then dipped in super premium dark chocolate with chopped almonds on top. ea.  (860) 649-5358  /  (800) 246-2958 (click photo for enlargement), 5 oz. Boxed 24. (click photo for enlargement), Amoretto flavored ice cream with 10 thousand count chocolate drops in the shape of a jello mold. each. Das Tartufo. Deep fry at 425 degrees for 15 seconds. (click photo for enlargement), A 4.5 oz. Wholesale Enquiries All Products Beverages Chocolate Candy & Treats ... Ice-cream Ice-cream. Ready for decorating. 5 oz. Packed 60 to a case 4 ½ oz. A taste combination you won’t soon forget. For three generations, the Orfitelli's family have taken great pride in creating premium ice cream and desserts with only the finest ingredients and quality products. Eine besondere Köstlichkeit.  www.RoyalIceCream.com We offer our wholesale partners a steadily increasing selection of individual, ready-to-serve or semi-convienter products. 36/case. 4 ½ oz. Tartufo. 36/case or 8/5 pks. Gelato • Sorbets • Ice Cream • Tartufo • Sorbets in Natural Fruit Shells • Imported Italian Desserts • Domestic Cakes • Ice Cream Truffles • Ice Cream Pies • Italian Ice • Tiramisu • Cannoli Cream & Shells • And much more! Villa Dolce product attributes: Less fat than ice cream, fresh pasteurized cream, free of growth hormones, no high fructose corn syrup, low overrun, fresh fruit (no syrups, flavorings, or fruit preserves,) real Belgian chocolate, authentic Argentine Dulce De Leche, and French sea salt. A 4 oz. We have 87 results for Ice Cream Wholesalers & Manufacturers in O'CONNOR, WA available in the Yellow Pages® directory. Ice Cream Distributors of Florida is a known leader for its full-service in the state of Florida! Copyright © 2014 HEAVEN-LEE DESSERTS & PASTA . paper soufflé cup…topped with macaroon crunch and a whole red cherry. ']); _gaq.push(["_trackPageview", "/product-category/frozen-desserts/tartufo/"]); //]]> each 18/case. Italco Food Products, Inc. | 1340 S. Cherokee St. | Denver, CO | 80223. 5 oz. & 3.25 oz special order only. Don’t skimp out on the main ingredient – a good Ice cream – now for a more authentic Tartufo you’ll want to use Gelato. You can also use the interactive map of O'CONNOR to find the exact location of the business and get directions from wherever you are. Köstliche Eisspezialitäten für den ganz besonderen Anlass. each packed 36/case or 5×8 retail. (click photo for enlargement), The original old world recipe brought over from Italy by Royal’s founder. (click photo for enlargement), Vanilla bean ice cream on a bed of buttered gram cracker, topped with caramel, buttered pecans and drizzled with milk chocolate. (click photo for enlargement), A real orange hollowed out and filled with refreshing orange sorbet. Valsoia - Tartufo Gelato 390ml NZ$11.00 NZ$11.00 SALE. Retail 2×8. SALE. Individuelle Eisdesserts als erfolgreicher Bestandteil in der Gastronomie. Required fields are marked *.

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