This is part of what makes Tales from the Yawning Portal easily playable as a greatest hits album – the higher-level, super-tough, “grinder” dungeons weren’t designed to be parts of story arcs, anyway (and weren’t really designed to have all of the characters survive). When I look at the seven included adventures, they vaguely fall into two categories – dungeons that are “good” from a more modern roleplaying perspective, and old school dungeons that are classics of their era, but don’t really serve the same function one would usually expect from a modern adventure/dungeon. The book gets a ton right, such as the short but sweet details about the Yawning Portal, the ‘About the Original’ blocks, listing maps in the table of contents, and including the magic items and creatures in the appendices. Each presents a dungeon that has a reasonable variety of opponents while maintaining a coherent purpose and theme for the dungeon. I would have liked a quick reference chart for recommended level and party size for each adventure, but the Introduction and each individual adventure have fairly easy to scan summaries for this info. These two adventures are re-implemented here because they are good adventures. Some of them are pretty deadly and don’t hold the players’ hands. While there are some hooks to complete, the goal of this adventure is to murder stuff and get the treasure. Level 5 characters and their players take on the challenge of exploring a Mesoamerican mythology inspired pyramid temple dedicated to Zotzilaha, the vampire god of the underworld. For some this book will be nostalgic, for others, it provides a chance to play these deadly dungeons for the first time. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It presents a truly massive dungeon (the Doomvault) – sure, this isn’t “we spent 500 pages on this one dungeon” territory, but there are 107 areas before the characters manage to break into the final Phylactery Vault. WRITE FOR TRIBALITY It has a theme to it (an ancient Mayan/Aztec-themed tomb complex). If the players know what they are, and are up for a taste of that sort of experience, this is a neat way to experience it without digging up those old modules and re-learning (or, more likely at this point, learning in the first place) those old rules. It seems his history has been slightly updated in TFTYP as in previous incarnations he was presented as a white haired retired adventure of about 70, whereas now he is presented younger and very long lived due to potions he looted from Undermountain. to a any wolf-like form you take when you wild shape. TABLE OF CONTENTS: listing contents and a handy map location list. a collection of dungeons suited for a side quest, a higher level adventure to tack onto the end of another published campaign, dungeons to steal parts from for your own dungeon, ready to go dungeons for that emergency one-shot, a solid base to build an entire dungeon delving campaign, provides details on running the adventures or even creating a campaign, background info on the Yawning Portal, its proprietor Durnan and other denizens, Updates for seven previously released adventures to fifth edition for level 1 to 15+, notes for running the adventure such as adventure synopsis, mapping, hooks, goals, dungeon characteristics and even how to handle character death, short block with information ‘About the Original’ publication that includes a shot of the original cover. As I’ve played several of the TftYP modules, I’m increasingly disappointed in the design of the dungeons as well as the design of the book too. The play style moves around from simple hack to slash to deadly tests for players facing off against an adversarial dungeon master. Light on story, The Sunless Citadel quickly dumps a group of four to five 1st level players into a fortress that has collapsed underground. There’s a lot to fight and puzzle out, but there are also others in the vault who are there against their will (or maybe agreed to be there in the first place but aren’t too thrilled about it now), so there are more non-combat possibilities that you might expect. Either way don’t forget the photo gallery at the end of this post! Your email address will not be published. Written by Bruce R. Cordel and originally released in 2000, this was the first adventure published for 3rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons. How to: Time traveling in RPGs – The Unique Timeline. Learn how your comment data is processed. A wizard has created this dungeon and stolen objects of value for the express purpose of luring adventurers into the dungeon so he can kill/enslave them. Levels 1-3 Your email address will not be published. Players will find a varied and challenging dungeon to crawl. Let’s give it up for the giant crayfish, clawing it’s way back into the spotlight. You don’t have to meet in the classic and cliched inn to begin these adventures, but the book’s introduction has a nice overview of the Yawning Portal inn itself and its very long lived proprietor Durnan, plus plot hooks and patrons from across the D&D multiverse. All new artwork accompanies each adventure and, nostalgia for previous artwork aside, looks great and is in keeping with the fantastic art direction of all of the 5E products to date. Learn how your comment data is processed. The Timeline is a map of events, and waypoints. These early adventures were bundled together in 1981. All this you say is crucial for time traveling to work. Brief Description of 5e Classes and Subclasses (Ideal to Show to your ... Storm Edge Campaign Setting 16: Gods of Eight Isles ‐ Part 2. Level 8 Dungeon Masters should find a great source of ideas to add some creativity to their own dungeons. Some groups thrive on a bit of friendly intra-party competition. While I could have done without revisiting giants again so soon, I’ll let it slide since I have used the maps from Against the Giants in my own past campaigns.

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