Usually, younger the beetle, the more effective this trap is in killing them. If you choose nematodes to take care of your Japanese beetle problem, always go for the species Heterorhabditis. This recipe should yield enough spray to cover 2,000 square feet. Currently, Japanese beetles are established from Maine to Georgia and every other state east of the Mississippi River. The young beetles are approximately three-quarters of an inch long. Leeks4. *Japanese Beetle traps – You’ve probably seen the little bags that hang, baited with pheromones. Maintaining a healthy, clean garden is the easiest way to keep Japanese beetles at bay. Over the years, I’ve tried different organic methods of dealing with them. Thank you for all the tips! Mature beetles lay their eggs directly into the dirt in early June. The beetle grubs remain buried in the soil for about 10 months – over the winter, until they mature into adults and burrow up out of the soil to begin feeding. The average life cycle of a Japanese beetle is roughly 40 days. Japanese beetles live underground and feed on the roots of plants as larvae. We tried setting pheromone traps but have since read that they can make things worse by drawing the beetles into your area. The good news is that with 3 applications of Milky Spores this and next Spring, summer and fall, most of the grubs in your soil will die. Thinking that perhaps the Japanese beetles had taken a wrong turn somewhere, I have been reaching out to neighbors all around my community, asking if they are seeing them. The growing plants look picture perfect and showed signs a bountiful harvest would indeed be coming: These photos were taken on the following Wednesday afternoon – after the Japanese beetles moved in. You can purchase or make your own. The plants do not appear to have died, only time will tell if they will produce anything or not. They let air, water, and sun reach your plants – yet they keep annoying pests like Japanese beetles far, far away. But, the liquid sprays I used in the videos as well as the flour and salt mixture, have kept the Japanese beetles and other bugs away. Mix together up to 1 tablespoon of mineral oil and 1 garlic bulb or up to 1 tablespoon of garlic powder. They also will … Japanese beetles are usually most actively eating on hot sunny days and seem to prefer eating crops that grow in full sun. The Japanese beetle, Popillia japonica, made it’s way to the United States around 1916. Insecticides, as usual, should be used as a last resort. Cultivate these plants around the crops most vulnerable to Japanese beetles to help deter a potential infestation: 1. Did you know that a Japanese Beetle will fly up to 5 miles to find a feeding location? Drop cloths can help cut down on Japanese beetles, too. her homesteading skills are unmatched, she raises chickens, goats, horses, a wide variety of vegetables, not to mention she’s an expert is all sorts of homesteading skills such as hide tanning, doll making, tree tapping and many, many more. Fill a jug with 2 cups of water and add in 1 tablespoon of Blue Dawn – or your favorite liquid dish soap. Short of standing in your garden around the clock plucking the Japanese beetles off the pants and squishing them beneath your feet, there is no surefire way to destroy them all in one fell swoop. I love that you have freezer bags full of bugs, how clever! If you have had significant Japanese beetle issues in the past, spray this mixture once a week in the spring and again in the late fall before winter sets in to kill as many grubs as possible. Asian lady beetles, also known as Harmonia axyridis (Pallas) were first reported in the early 1900s. © 2020 New Life On A Homestead | Homesteading Blog,,, Today On The Homestead: Goat Babies, Hay Mishap, And DIY Play Structure. Make sure to surround the susceptible plants with the natural deterrents so the beetles don’t have a way into the area. Cedar oil is said to be very unattractive to Japanese beetles. (Meanwhile, I have a couple freezer bags full of bugs – egads!). 10 Ways To Get Rid of Ladybugs AKA Asian Lady Beetles . Only a few different varieties of trees and plants will help repel them. Spray or pour onto the plant once every 5 to 7 days. Milky Spores does no harm to beneficial bugs. The shiny green and copper colored beetles are tiny, but the threat to your growing food supply is enormous. The loss of balance and sense of direction should cause the Japanese beetles to fall to their deaths in the water waiting below. Right now is the peak of Japanese beetle season, actually around the 4th of July is when they are in full force here in my area. Spray or shake the natural insecticide directly onto the entire plant during the morning hours. I want to give your sprays a try. In the morning – which is when Japanese beetles are the most active – you can remove the cloth and kill the attached beetles with a bucket of soapy water. The young beetles consume the spores as they grow under the ground. A Cup of Soapy Water. As with the sprays above, do the powder sprinkling during the morning hours. They are listed as a threat to literally hundreds of different crops, fruit bushes, and flowers. I reduce the amount of salt to help prevent a negative outcome, but as you can clearly see, scorching occurred just the same. I also applied the mixture before it was 85 degrees, as recommended. These will require watering only once every seven to ten days – therefore, you will have a lessened likelihood of the grubs being drawn to your yard. Dispose of them by dropping them in a bucket of soapy water (2 tablespoons of liquid dish soap per 1 gallon of water)—this is one of the most humane ways to eliminate Japanese beetles. Problem is that I’m making the problem worse by attracting MORE beetles. Along with applying the Milky Spores to my lawn, I plan to spray the leaves of my trees with a mixture made from Kaolin clay. Set the gallon jug in a place where you have seen a lot of Japanese beetles.

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