The new 2014 Hero Karizma ZMR is on sale now at Rs 1.07 lakh ex-showroom Mumbai. I personally like the look from the rear, the fat rear tyre and the raised back seat give it a big bike feel. This is at full pace, of course, not fast highway or mountain road speeds. Rishaad likes to call the new ZMR, the Indian Hayabusa. You cant use more than 4 gears in the city and the tall gearing means you will just be shifting the gears up and down to be in the powerband and the stiff suspension will hurt your back badly, i never said that ZMR is better than 390 , its just that it didnt meet my needs. With a fuel-tank capacity of 15.5-litre, the motorcycle can easily make you ride for approximately 550kms before stopping at a petrol station. I had a tough time calling up all the dealers in Chennai and finding out whether they had the Red bike, finally found one in a showroom which is 20kms away from my house. Hey All, Please kindly share your reviews about Vibrations in Hero Karizma ZMR 2014 new one. It does have some niggles and annoyances but for Rs 1.1 lakh, the ZMR looks like a good deal. are we allowed to watch through the entire service.? Busy instruments are clear once you get used to them. Dont compare it with a agressive spot bike which never reduce confident level even at 140+kmph with its aerodynamic, vibs free engine and 10k rev limits. R15- Great quality and performance but zero practicality and acceptable price congratulation and nice review mr. saad 2014 Hero Karizma ZMR Key Features: • Multi-functional Digital Console Side Stand Sensor & Real Time Mileage Indicator. But this model looks quite different – thanks to Erik Buell Racing. • Dual Dynamic Headlamps & LED Position Lamps. Though the bike didn’t look good in the pics, it looks substantial and huge in real world, the tail part is the best and never seen before, the front part takes some time to grow on you and the fairing seems to gel well with the bike. This bike's gearbox was a little reluctant to shift especially during the performance testing, but overall it all works. R15 2.0 anytime when compared with this. So Mr. Ambani, what bike do you ride? Good to read the first user review of the new Karizma ZMR. 2014 Hero Karizma ZMR India road test Shubhabrata Marmar | Updated: September 12, 2014, 05:54 PM IST The reactions to the reveal of the new Karizma were pretty strong. This is just not a basic facelift but more than that, making me believe that this bike will continue to be sold for another three to four years along with the HX250R, which is slated to launch early next year. Well this is the major change that has happened in this bike. You observe lots of small things. Fazer – Reliable, good pricing but very less top end performance It's still natural and effortless but you can feel the length of the motorcycle when you turn. But the interesting development on this model is the introduction of daytime running lamps (DRLs) above the turn indicators; these, however don’t work by default as it is in cars and you need to switch on the parking lamp. 200NS- Good performance and killer pricing, but not 100% reliable ZMR was offered in three colors on the website then but of late the orange color has been added, the white one was never in contention because of the maintenance factor, but it was a tough call between the black and Red ZMR. I ride bikes, and get to write about them. The original design of the Karizma was pretty cohesive and the detour the motorcycle took through the previous ZMR has done it no favours. It has a 16 Bit ECU processor that scans the engine environment throuh hi-tech sensors and delivers the next level of performance. 2014 Hero Karizma ZMR has a kerb weight of 157 Kgs. lol…. I havent seen this one in Kolkata till now. Thunderbird 350:- Well it felt a little heavy and I realized that a royal Enfield can be bought later in life, but in your mid 20s you need to drive a nice flashy bike that can outrun other things on road. The machine itself feels okay, but extended high speed runs will numb hands. What about lights? The frame of Karizma ZMR is a tubular single cradle and diamond type chassis. Thanks to its expansive bodywork, it is also stunningly spacious. The Hero Honda Karizma is a motorcycle manufactured in India by a partnership of Hero Honda.It was first launched in 2003 and was given a cosmetic upgrade Karizma R in 2007. If you are turned off because of the looks of ZMR let me remind you that a bike is bought not for the looks but for the ride it offers and trust me out of all the other bikes I considered I found the ZMR to be the most comfortable. You are right bro. • Dual Dynamic Headlamps & LED Position Lamps. I won’t recommend it to anybody, utter waste of money. Come on, thats nice investment. On the other hand, ride quality remains a highlight. Apple Red color is too good. If you're buying one, I'd say ignore the space under the seat for the papers. Something’s wrong with your bike. Will just add a K&N RC 1060 performance filter when the bike is due for Second service and the mechanic during first service told me not to get it installed somewhere and to bring it to him and he will install it as some changes have to be made to the fuelling or ECU in order to accommodate the filter and to see an increase in performance. Clutch setting goes for a toss every time one rides in traffic. • Multi-functional Digital Console Side Stand Sensor & Real Time Mileage Indicator. Let’s find out! Some would say, “Why fix something which is not broken?”, but five years is a pretty long time. Ride the bike over a pothole and the bike takes it pretty comfortably. Starting with the Karizma R. The bike is still … The delivery process was smooth and I thought this being the first ZMR to be delivered from their showroom they would take a few pics and do a little key handing over ceremony but nothing of that sort was done and the mechanic parked the bike outside and said enjoy your ride and the delivery was over. The powertrain comes together into a very likeable, useable machine that retains the old Karizma's highway manners too. It subtly endeared itself to you until you started calling it the 'Zma and one day, you found that you couldn't live without it. Cruising at 100kmph feels like a breeze but you will feel slight vibrations on the handlebars and foot pegs once you cross the 90kmph. The front tyre looks too skinny, hero could have put in a 90/90-18 or 100/80-18 at the front instead of the 80/100-18, but again this would affect the handling and the bike would not feel this light. It was butter smooth and the acceleration was also awesome. Why you put yourself in criticism by comparing this legendary bike with R15 or Duke… Its your. The contenders were the following. Karizma ZMR FI & R 2014. You have entered an incorrect email address! Word of caution, the suspension is still pretty soft so if you're going ten-tenths in the corners, watch for some pitching and wallowing to set in. I am not telling that R15 / Duke are best bikes.

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