They're easy to make, super versatile, + all kinds of delicious! As tasty as it is, it’s not a good idea to indulge in deep fried food regularly, for the sake of our arteries and general wellbeing. Thank you Shane for helping me eat delicious foods that are also healthy! Rinse the potatoes then cut them in half, at an angle, to create as much flat surface as possible for … Start adding these seven delicious winter vegetables into your meals. I used a 1-cal olive oil spray (OK, so technically there is a tiny bit of oil) which is watered down and contains only 0.1g fat per spray but alternatively you can use parchment paper or a silicone baking mat. Definitely going to try it out using parchment paper! Mmmmm. I’m gonna try and make your meatloaf next and I think with these potatoes its gonna be killer! Thanks for the tip of what type of potato works best. I served these at my first vegan BBQ and can honestly say I did not miss the meat or dairy at all. Air fryers are a reasonably new appliance, designed to cook food using hot air to create a crispy result. I’ve shared your site with so many people who go nuts when they see your recipes. However, the low amount of oil and the very high heat makes them crispier and dryer than traditional roasted potatoes which tend to be oilier. I’m so glad you enjoyed them. Yes, you can for sure use sweet potatoes! #plantbased #howto #vegan, A post shared by MINIMALIST BAKER (@minimalistbaker) on Oct 9, 2018 at 3:00pm PDT. When “frying” potatoes and sweet potatoes in the oven, it’s important to par-boil them. Who is going to be maki, This time, three years ago, I made this #vegan Cho, Cold and grey today. I added a little garlic powder and onion powder to the S&P. You’ll need egg or buttermilk, spices, seasoning and flour. Toss cut vegetables in oil (if using) salt, pepper and any desired seasonings or herbs. They are…. dairy-free, gluten-free, grain-free, Low-fat, recipe, recipes, Sides, vegan, vegetarian Tagged: bbq, fat-free, potatoes, sides 5 Comments. Thank you so much, Naomi. Drain and transfer to the roasting tray. This recipe uses absolutely no oil, no butter, no lard, no shortening, no fat whatsoever. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Hard to find many recipes for cooking potatoes as plainly as possible, so I’m glad to have found this! It is only my prefernce to leave them on. By giving them a short, hot blast in the oven you will achieve a more fried-like result as opposed to a classic roasted result. I decided to try making my favourite crispy new potatoes recipe but without the fat and with a low sodium option for dieters. Good luck! There are ways of getting around the oil factor when it comes to deep frying, and we’re here to tell you all about it. Ohh, and there was this AMAZING Jack Daniels BBQ glazed mushroom thing. God bless you my new best friend! This helps to get a good crisp on the exterior of the food. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. They are an incredible side dish because they’re delicious and require hardly any effort. Gotta love a crispy potato these look so good x. I’ve recently adapted my diet to veggie for health reasons, and I’m actually loving the options! Let me know how it goes. Remove from the oven and sprinkle with salt, pepper and fresh parsley. Thanks for the measurement/temperature conversions! The possibilities are endless. Tomorrow is #StirUpSunday! Peel the skin off the potatoes, placing the potatoes in cool water after peeling so they don’t discolor. I’m so glad you enjoyed them and thanks for rating them too! This is to help the food pieces remain unstuck to each other and to the basket.

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