Just a thought, but how would semifreddo work if you were to include something like peanut butter or chocolate over nuts and fruit? And they both come together in this mango semifreddo. Two of them are mangoes and ice-cream (Although I like eating icecream more in winters!). I think I will do this for one of their upcoming birthday parties. Also, very refreshing like a sorbet. I have to say no matter what goes wrong this comes out delicious. The actual, authentic recipe of Semifreddo is with eggs. Fold together the sweetened condensed milk, lime zest, lime juice, and cranberries. And things are back to normal now. Oh this one’s going on my weekend menu for sure! Alternate in this way with all the mixture. Like many desserts, a semifreddo can be refined to suit special diets. One of the best parts about semifreddo is that you can mold it, slice it, or scoop it just like ice cream. this is the perfect dessert for this upcoming summer. Haha. Thank you for sharing the recipe! Presenting my very own recipe for a Vegan Semifreddo. It’s perfect for every occasion and there are so many combinations to experiment with. I’m such a weirdo when it comes to food and textures. Dessert recipes. It is very important to whip the cream, till you get stiff peaks. Adding food coloring sounds like a great idea to make this recipe fun for kids! You can totally make it your own. “Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.”- Theodore Roosevelt. Required fields are marked *. Actually, we had a small disagreement in the morning, before he left for the office. Whip the egg white until soft peaks form. Start by zesting one of your limes. I have heard of this and I think I even ate one in Rome. Also the way the recipe is laid out is very user-friendly. I worked for a time at a restaurant without any type of ice cream maker on the premises. A Thai iced tea semifreddo sounds amazing — I’m tempted to go make some right now! Plus, there is something so satisfying about feeling the cream turn from liquid to airy solid. While it does use condensed milk and cream, the fresh ingredients make me think that semifreddo could be a good alternative to ice cream for people who are looking for a tasty summer treat. It’s also super delicious in Vietnamese iced coffee, made with cold brewed java. For the condensed milk version, you will want to use one can of sweetened condensed milk, 1/2 cup of juice, and 1/2 cup of cream. Thank you for introducing me to a way to make ice cream at home, without any hassle. I would just mix it in with the condensed milk first if you want it fully incorporated, or if you want more of a swirl of color, you could add a few drops as you fold in the whipped cream. Will I get the same outcomes? Unfortunately there is no substitute for the eggs … . It seemed to fancy to be made without any of the expensive kitchen gadgets, but it’s nice to learn that it’s not very difficult at all! As with ice cream, which can be made with egg yolks, whole eggs, or no eggs at all, semifreddo can take many forms. I would really like to try this, but not a very sweet version as my father is diabetic, I assume that the fruit version may not be as sweet? You could puree the mango with some mint like I did last time . Your email address will not be published. Another important part – I have used non-dairy whipping cream from Tropilite. Again it as a bit less cream per serving, but with the eggs I’m not sure it can really assuage any guilt. I put in half of it anyway and another packet of cream. I learnt some Italian, while learning about food, I’m living the dream! I was left feeling silly to bring up a senseless discussion on Valentine’s day. Sprinkle half of the crushed biscuits on top. Chop and puree the mangoes until smooth. Be sure that the cream is fully incorporated before moving on to the next step. Chop and puree the mangoes until smooth. I seem to be the only person among all our friends and family who doesn’t really care why RCB refuses to win  AND who doesn’t give a hoot why Kattapa killed Bahubali. Before I bought my ice cream maker, I made lots of semifreddo. You can also use heavy full-fat whipping cream. Thank you for this wonderful post about ice cream. Wow, Semifreddo its called, I’ve never heard of it. Keep the flame on medium-low. Chocoholics Rejoice Over These Rocky Road Brownies, Super Moist Orange Pound Cake will Bring a Burst of Sunshine to Your Kitchen, Go Nuts Over Fall Baking with Classic Homemade Pecan Pie. The powdered egg replacer mimics the egg white, but the thickening agent of the yolk is necessary in this curd. I have tried both the versions in my kitchen. Make sure to chill the cream and the container along with whisk, before you begin to whisk the cream. Take out two tablespoons of milk out in a bowl. I usually make the coffee version, it was my grandmother’s recipe and it always turns our great. Based in Somerville, Massachusetts, Kendall helps to run a small community supported bread bakery and writes about the intersection of food, faith, and culture on her personal blog, A Vanderslice of the Sweet Life.

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