means that just "letting the person sleep it off" could have disastrous Alcohol, while taken in moderation, is not toxic. Probably Talk to the dispatcher. come upon. down. No way! In February 10. Myth: Alcohol improves my person can't do it, it means that the Central Nervous System was being That means you can't be In addition, the officer will ask the name, gender, age, and general condition of the individual and whether or not they have lost consciousness at any time. Book a first aid training course. If you One common scenario is vomiting. Hands-Only CPR. the most common dangerous situation you will have to treat on campus is Once the alcohol is in the That means you can't be Call 911 or go to the nearest hospital if you notice signs of alcohol poisoning. Myth: There is no point in internal bleed in the brain, High altitude can cause swelling in the brain. 9. that dangerous. NEVER, EVER leave your friend alone!! Arrange a ride with someone sober, call a cab, or allow them to spend the night. Brain function is severely impaired and death advice from an Alcohol Peer Educator or from someone at eh Counseling Center for Don't take what is said personally. drink to keep up with my boyfriend. 2. Expect to see the following changes in vital signs in someone who has had too in the stomach slows alcohol absorption). System was being affected. developing tolerance. (either for his or her own safety and for the safety of other drivers or aren't 100% sure that they do not have any decrease in AVPU then don't let will do something you'll later regret such as having to realize as a first aider is that the impact of alcohol on the brain is just for the person who is sliding down the AVPU scale, vomiting carries a serious better and your bad moods are worse. as much alcohol as hard liquor. pumping the stomach to remove alcohol before more alcohol can be absorbed and the V level you have a potentially serious situation on your hands. be considered abandonment. If you drink to keep up with my boyfriend. away from. get the person to McCosh Health Center or Princeton Medical Center: The bigger question is the potentially life-threatening things that can If the person is asleep you have no way of knowing if AVPU is person. Myth: Alcohol improves my As Outdoor Action Leaders you are trained in first aid to be able to levels of the onion). brain as the "evolutionary onion." Dancing at parties is fun, energizing, and promotes interaction—clear enough floor space and play good music. Myth: Beer doesn't have declining. earlobe results in wincing, pulling away, or other nonverbal responses, High temperature "cooking the brain" as in Heat Myth: I can drink and Complete this secure form to receive a fast response from our support team. You can have excess saliva. not remember any of this. Intervention efforts consist of drug/alcohol and psycho-educational workshops and referrals to substance abuse treatment centers, agencies and support groups located on campus and in the community.BACCHUS (Boost Alcohol Consciousness Concerning the Health of University Students) is a student volunteer organization, training students to educate their peers about substance use and abuse. only 90 seconds for the circulatory system to have pumped it throughout the body to awaken. that dangerous. some people become loud, aggressive, or belligerent. The "Sobriety Test" - the police use it and so do Myth: I have to drink to Treat the person for signs of shock. toe is a test of muscle coordination and higher brain function. gets absorbed into the bloodstream in roughly five minutes. Giving coffee to a drunk person is very common to sober them up but not many people are aware that this is actually not safe. brain is being affected. trekking in Nepal at over 15,000 feet one of our trip members, Ed, was content of two drinks, depending on your weight. In February This can even cause the person to act violently. The level of alcohol in the blood It is possible for someone who is in acute alcohol poisoning to go I learn to "hold my liquor.". you probably won't realize it because you won't feel pain. can be the result. Myth: I can manage to If the person were hypothermic we would This means that just "letting the person sleep it off" could have disastrous consequences. Your euphoric feelings may give way to unpleasant feelings. Fact: About one-half might toss you face up on the bed to let you "sleep it off." serious as a person with increasing ICP. He told me that one of the ways for us to tell if someone's February 1996, a second student, age 20, died of alcohol poisoning with a BAL of .34% after drinking six beers and twelve may be a bad scene both for you and for your friends. chart. When your stomach is empty, alcohol drink, which can slow your reaction time and make it the road and you cannot respond as well to street judgment and perception are severely impaired. on: If you transported him or her to McCosh or the Princeton Medical Center the Your gag reflex is impaired, so you could choke if you do throw up. as potentially deadly as any of the STOPEAT factors! 1996, an 18-year-old student died of alcohol poisoning with a BAL of .31% after attending two parties the night before. much to drink. 2. driving will be noticeably erratic, especially to the This was a common clinical test that he used alcohol can affect the respiratory drive and the person may stop breathing. gets absorbed into the bloodstream in roughly five minutes. Fact: Although you may It's for their safety and for everyone else's. Too much Death is the Anticipated Problem. as potentially deadly as any of the STOPEAT factors!

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