They just told me “send you purchase back”. I was very interested in this Fryer until I read all the Big Boss Oil-Less reviews. Learn how your comment data is processed. The grilled one was sort of tough even after it had marinated for several hours. Problem is, it is made in China. Wher did you find one with a 3 year warranty ? I bought the Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer to bake french fries and other foods and not use as much salt. I called and was unable to talk with someone. Did spare ribs and they were perfect. frozen chicken breast 13-18 minutes depending on thickness The customer service number also has an operator option that went to voicemail. You should take the advantages of warranty or ask your manufacturer to replace or repair. Turns out my credit card had issues with the order so they cancelled the order……………lucky me. Husband broke the bowl a few weeks ago & they are sending me a new one – even though it was HIS fault! Your order today will also come with a FREE Granitestone Egg Pan! No problem with using misto or Pam spray. There is some heat but it’s not the kind of heat you’ll get from a stovetop or an oven. I was eager to run a full review on the Big Boss air fryer because it is a little different to the normal offering. fresh chicken breast 10-15 minutes depending on thickness. It is the same with the chicken. I’ll try just about anything in it. This is the only thing i don’t like about the fryer ! The unit of Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer contains Mesh Basket, 2 Grill Racks, 3” Extender Ring, Glass Bowl, Sturdy base with Handles, Lifting Tongs and is accompanied by a Recipe book and Cooking guide. Have you tried cooking ham in it? 10-15 minutes depending on doneness hot dogs 8 min Q: How much heat does it radiate? Shan, you can indeed cook the same food in your Nuwave. Halogen makes your food crispy. The panel comes with a timer and temperature controller which needs to be set depending on the type of food. If you find the chicken is browning too much, I cover it with foil then carry on with the fries, Keeps the chicken hot and moist too. The fries cook faster than the meat. Ended up taking the chops out and FRYING them in olive oil. Anything that is healthier eating is to my own benefit. Very sad, that one meal was great. I received a phone call confirming my purchase, then was transferred to another person for quality purposes. Chicken,pork chops,ribs steaks I’ve cooked everything with it. I won’t waste my money on Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer!! Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer is the same as the Flavourwave Oven. It cooks extremely fast and does exactly as advertised. It’s an very awful company!! Going to keep on experimenting. Are there different heat settings? The “only” complaint I have is that the numbers on the dials wore off, but by now I know what is what. Don’t be drawn away from buying this item. I highly recommend this item. Anna Hudson complains in her Big Boss Oil-less Fryer review that it does not cook. No Lifetime Warranty!!! While the Big boss is working it’s wonderfull.But when the light bulb burns out there isn’t a way or means to but a replacement 1300 watt bulb. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The fan never did come on. How do you cook meat and fries at the same time? A: No! CANNOT be beat! Be nice if the appliance didn’t bottom out after only four months. Have you contacted the phone number at the bottom of the big boss website – 877-772-8523 ?? They cannot be cooked at the same time. I am going to use a pretty high heat, prolloy 400-450 and as I like it med-rare I am watching it like a hawk! I had to turn it over to cook both sides is this normal. It is large and bulky to store, requires large counter space to cook, surface gets very, very hot.

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